Wookie Soldier


Shorurra means Fierce Soldier in wookie.

Born on Kashyyyk, Shorurra frequently traveled to the Kkowir forest (the Blackscale Slaver Hunting grounds) to train to fight against the Trandoshan Slavers. He was trained in the use of weapons like the Blaster Pistol, and of course, the Bowcaster. When it came time to be supplied with the weapon he would carry throughout the rest of his time in the forces there had been a “miscalculation” of weapons availabe to the class and as his luck would have it… Shorurra went without the coveted bowcaster.

During the final skill challenge before graduation Shorurra was alone on the hunt ( a customary practice for Wookies in soldier training) and while on his own in a part of the forrest he was unfamiliar with he had placed a demo charge to clear a path through some debris but the charge was a stronger one than necessary and it sent some of the debris. Flying towards Shorura who couldn’t avoid being hit. The chunck of debris hit him squarely in the head knocking him unconscious as with the Wookie culture there would be no immediate rescue party sent out. Shorurra was out for a total of six days. When while nursing a major headache, a Mon Calimari who goes by the name Fathom, was “visiting” the Wookie homeworld came upon him and offered assistance.


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