Mon Calmari Soldier


Fathom of Kai Ackbar was born in Foamwater City on the planet and system of Mon Calamari in the Outer Rim beyond the Tion Cluster and at the end of the Perlemian Trade Route. Growing up on his world with calm weather and no tectonic tremors, this temperate ocean world afforded a peaceful and nurturing environment with many tourists visiting from time to time. With the three moons and a 21 hour/ 398 day calendar this would make Fathom 17 years of age during the events at Sel Zonn Station in the Brentaal System.

In Fathom’s early military career he was assigned to the diplomatic corps to help guard persons and materials of such important nature. As such he has traveled to the Core Worlds with the honorable Senator Meena Tills, and met such important figures such as then Chancellor Finis Valorum. Fathom also traveled to Kashyyyk to help in peace negotiations between the Wookies of Kashyyyk and the Trandoshans of Trandosha, note both these planets reside in the same system and the system is along the Perlemian Trade Route. Fathom has met famous wookies like Chewbacca and Tarfful. Similarly he has been with the negotiators on his home planet involving the Quorren. Another place Fathom has visited that is not on the Perlemian Trade Route is Yavin. Yavin 4 is a forest moon, and meeting place for some of the senators such as, Meena Tills, Nee Alavar, Fang Zar, Mal~e Dee, Mon Mothma, Padme Amidala {when she was alive}, Bail Organa, among others. During the Clone Wars, Fathom remembers some of this group involved with the Petition of 2000, which was among other things a plea to stop the fighting and let negotiations for peace resume. Fathom also has had dealings with some of the spice miners of Kessel.

Once the Clone War had begun more soldier like activities were required to help protect the planet of Mon Calamari and the galaxy in general. In both of the battles on Mon Calamari, Fathom fought along side his brother Captain Gial Ackbar {the same as the Admiral Ackbar that led the Battle of Endor} While his brother could detect a trap, Fathom could often detect shenanigans. General and Jedi Master Kit Fisto helped in both of these engagements and was able to meet Fathom while he was on active duty. Master Fisto sensed the force potential in the young calamari and also saw the same lack of confidence the Jedi master had struggled with in his own youth, he genuinely liked the boy and taught him a few techniques and philosophies to help him on his journey. Fathom was very fascinated by what the Jedi was saying and thought many times wouldn’t it be great if he could be a Jedi too.

After the Clone War, Gial Ackbar, who was the leader of Coral Depths City, was taken as one of the first prisoners as a slave to become an interpreter and personal servant to Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, after failed in negotiations to maintain some level of self-governance over planet Mon Calamari and then as leader of the resistance movement. While there he learns what he can about the empire. At the beginning of the empire’s invasion of Mon Calamari, led by Imperial Admiral Garrus Tharydine, and after the Mon Calamari resisted the idea of being enslaved, three of the largest floating cities were destroyed. This act did result in an uneasy alliance between the Mon Calamari and the Quorren, even though the Quorren were known to double cross the Mon Calamari when it suited them. Eventually their combined forces were able to oust the imperial forces providing other oppressed systems with the hope that they, too, have a chance at freedom by opposing the empire.

Also after the emperor killed Kit Fisto, Fathom began hearing him, as in times of need with this guardian spirit important advice is still being given. Fathom and Master Fisto seem to have a connection within the force that may grow with time.

After Fathom’s brother Gial was taken prisoner far away from the Mon Calamari people and the planet Mon Calamari drove the Empire off world, Fathom made his way to Kashyyyk to see if he could find some friends from his times in the diplomatic corps, he eventually found two of them and together made it to Sel Zonn Station in the Brentaal System.

Fathom has had a problem presenting his thoughts and ideas due in part to his lack of confidence {in game terms low charisma}. He has the wisdom and intellect, and in time his confidence may improve.

Fathom’s first impressions of his team, C-4 and the Wookie {Sharonah, or Shhurah, or Shorurrah, well it’s all Growl to me} have both earned his trust through all of their past adventures. Oberon and Neerta both almost get a pass, and a level of automatic respect as Jedi due to Fathom’s connection to Kit Fisto, and that leaves O-deer-g or as he said he would like to be known as “Oh” a mercenary who trusts money and survival. But Fathom thinks he sees a spark of goodness inside the rodian, besides with all the ideals and philosophies that Fathom believes in, the reality is, the empire has turned many people of good character into mercenaries interested in survival in these dark times.

“My life does not revolve around comfort. Still… it was, as I’ve heard humans say, a ‘close shave’.”
―Kit Fisto
“Patience, Captain Ozzel. No point in firing until we know exactly what we’re firing at”
―Kit Fisto
“This is the lair of General Grievous!”
―Kit Fisto
“We all take risks.”
―Kit Fisto
“Send more droids against the Jedi Knight! Their bodies are making a pile so high that he will never be able to cross it!”
―Sentepeth Findos, speaking of Kit Fisto
“Sleep, all life is a dream.”
―Kit Fisto
“Those who have power should restrain themselves from using it.”
―Kit Fisto
“I should have gone closer to the edge. Released myself into the Force, become more unpredictable. More random.”
“That would have been dangerous. Not to your body, perhaps, but to your spirit.”
“It is the way of Form I.”
―Kit Fisto and Obi-Wan Kenobi discuss Shii-Cho

“It’s a trap!”
―Admiral Ackbar
“I am with you!”
―Commander Ackbar
“Without Admiral Ackbar and his people, we would all be the Emperor’s slaves.”
―Mon Mothma
“May the Force be with us.”
―Admiral Ackbar


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