Soldier Droid


Used as a command and support droid during the Clone Wars, C4 was decommissioned and granted self ownership for bravery on the field of battle.

C-4 worked at multiple command stations relaying orders, hacking computers, and programmed for combat if the command station infiltrated. During the clone wars he would hand deliver sensitive intelligence info from command to the front lines using stealth and combat as needed. During order 66 he actually delivered command 66 to distant commander not knowing its implications. To C-4’s horror a Jedi he became close with was killed in an explosion.

C-4 is convinced that some of the essence of the Jedi merged into his programming him giving him more independence. C-4 occasionally describes his droid-like abilities as force powers.

Since the war C-4 has formed a rag tag group of do-gooder’s loosely controlled by C-4’s force of personality.


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