Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Night Three

Night Three

After having travelled 6 hours through the jungles and swamps of Felucia, the group decides to camp for the night. Prior to leaving the ship they had decided that three of them should wear the stolen storm trooper armors to help infiltrate the prison facility. as the team prepared camp, they are suddenly attacked by the Felucian natives. Thinking that they are agents of the Empire, the Felucians attack the three Storm troopers while attempting to free the other three “prisoners”.

Cee Four takes down two in a matter of minutes. Having decided that since communication wasn’t an option. These creatures would have to be put to death. Its then he was remaindered their blasters had a stun setting.

Fathom leap into the swamp waters and attempted to divert the attentions of one of the Felucians and communicate. Sadly, no one knew their language or had a translator droid.

The two Felucians attacked and retreated to the water each turn giving them cover from the group while two others worked to save the PCs they thought where prisoners. O’Deer G was swept off the small patch of island they where on to a nearby one only to be head of by the Jedi Oberron, Lightsaber in defense mode and giving the Felucian the universal signal to drop his weapon.

It wasn’t long before the misunderstand was figured out and the human Vazus Mandrake stepped from the jungle to help translate for them. Vazus had been living with the Felucians since the end of the Clone Wars and was on patrol with the group before they ran off to fight the players they thought were Storm Troopers.

Arriving in the Felucian village, the group met with their chieftain and an agreement was made to assist them in finding their Empire Prison they call “the Vanishing Place”



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