Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Night Four (episode one)

Night Four – Episode One
To the rescue or Vanishing Place no more.

Having been lead to the Empirical prison facility known to the local Felucians as “The Vanishing Place” our heroes found it to be a repurposed communications station used during the Clone Wars but had been converted into a prison. The prison is a small two story building topped with a large satellite dish and private landing pad, the front door is guarded by stormtroopers and a large stationary laser cannon. In he distance, the sound of crashing trees and mechanical clanks makes the group suspect at least one AT-ST may be close.

Deciding to sneak through the back, the group finds a way through an old sewer grate and up into an abandoned store room. The layout of the building, being mostly open except for the prison wing, communications center and med lab made movement tricky but not impossible. Since they group had access to captured stormtrooper armor, they tried the ‘ol, we have a prison for transfer trick. It didn’t work that well.

After a series of skirmishes with imperial officers, storm troopers and experimented and mutated felucians, the group freed the held prisoners along with their target, Admiral Gilder Varth before the arrival of Inquisitor Drago, the Imperial officer sent to interrogate Admiral Varth.

Success: Rescued Admiral Varth
Success: found cure for the Felucian Disease manufactured by Captain Vischera.
Success: Planted a bomb in the communications center, disrupting Empirical communications planet wide for the time being.

(PLAYER NOTE – All players to level up to third for Episode 2)


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Night Four (episode one)

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