Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Night Four (episode one)

Night Four – Episode One
To the rescue or Vanishing Place no more.

Having been lead to the Empirical prison facility known to the local Felucians as “The Vanishing Place” our heroes found it to be a repurposed communications station used during the Clone Wars but had been converted into a prison. The prison is a small two story building topped with a large satellite dish and private landing pad, the front door is guarded by stormtroopers and a large stationary laser cannon. In he distance, the sound of crashing trees and mechanical clanks makes the group suspect at least one AT-ST may be close.

Deciding to sneak through the back, the group finds a way through an old sewer grate and up into an abandoned store room. The layout of the building, being mostly open except for the prison wing, communications center and med lab made movement tricky but not impossible. Since they group had access to captured stormtrooper armor, they tried the ‘ol, we have a prison for transfer trick. It didn’t work that well.

After a series of skirmishes with imperial officers, storm troopers and experimented and mutated felucians, the group freed the held prisoners along with their target, Admiral Gilder Varth before the arrival of Inquisitor Drago, the Imperial officer sent to interrogate Admiral Varth.

Success: Rescued Admiral Varth
Success: found cure for the Felucian Disease manufactured by Captain Vischera.
Success: Planted a bomb in the communications center, disrupting Empirical communications planet wide for the time being.

(PLAYER NOTE – All players to level up to third for Episode 2)

Night Three

Night Three

After having travelled 6 hours through the jungles and swamps of Felucia, the group decides to camp for the night. Prior to leaving the ship they had decided that three of them should wear the stolen storm trooper armors to help infiltrate the prison facility. as the team prepared camp, they are suddenly attacked by the Felucian natives. Thinking that they are agents of the Empire, the Felucians attack the three Storm troopers while attempting to free the other three “prisoners”.

Cee Four takes down two in a matter of minutes. Having decided that since communication wasn’t an option. These creatures would have to be put to death. Its then he was remaindered their blasters had a stun setting.

Fathom leap into the swamp waters and attempted to divert the attentions of one of the Felucians and communicate. Sadly, no one knew their language or had a translator droid.

The two Felucians attacked and retreated to the water each turn giving them cover from the group while two others worked to save the PCs they thought where prisoners. O’Deer G was swept off the small patch of island they where on to a nearby one only to be head of by the Jedi Oberron, Lightsaber in defense mode and giving the Felucian the universal signal to drop his weapon.

It wasn’t long before the misunderstand was figured out and the human Vazus Mandrake stepped from the jungle to help translate for them. Vazus had been living with the Felucians since the end of the Clone Wars and was on patrol with the group before they ran off to fight the players they thought were Storm Troopers.

Arriving in the Felucian village, the group met with their chieftain and an agreement was made to assist them in finding their Empire Prison they call “the Vanishing Place”

Episode One: The Traitor's Gambit

Opening Crawl: Queue Star Wars Theme

It is a dark time in the galaxy. The evil Galactic Empire has spread from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim, and everywhere the Empire’s tyranny can be felt.

Fleeing from the oppression of the Emperor’s minions, agents of Senator Bail Organa have run to a remote space station above Brentaal.

Known to be a vocal opponent of the Empire, Organa may be the last hope of freedom in the galaxy. In the hopes of stopping these dissidents before they can reach the Senator, the Empire has alerted its forces on Sel Zonn Station, where the struggle for liberty rages on, and the first sparks of rebellion have begun to burn. . . .

Night One Notes

  • Orbiting the Core World of Brentaal the space station Sel Zonn is little more then a way point for weary travelers and cargo on its way into the black. It is here that the fates have seen fit to bring together six unlikely heros.
  • Ever since the Empire brought in its own travel inspectors to Sel Zonn, transport on and off the station for non humans has become more difficult. Fathom, the Mon Calmari had seen anti human bias grow since the rise of the Empire but didn’t think it was ever going to get this bad. His friends Shorurra the Wookie and combat droid Ceefour had been waiting a week for clearance to leave the station. If they had to be stuck on Sel Zonn much longer they would have to start looking for work. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind when suddenly a commotion in the common area threw the little group into the gaping maw of fate.
  • Maya, an undercover agent of Alderaan stumbles into the common area of Sel Zonn badly wounded and and crys for help offering credits in return. Seconds later, a team of Storm Troopers appears and continues their attack against Maya. The Mon Calmari, Combat Droid and Wookie spring to action.
  • Close by, the Rodian named O’Deer G hears this, sees it as his ticket off this rock and joins in.
  • Elsewhere, two mysterious figures (a Kel Dor and Zabrack) watch and influence the combat through more subtile means, afterwards following the group and Maya after defeating the attacking Stormtroopers.

Group 1
Fathom – Soldier mon calmari
Shorurra – Wookie soldier.
Ceefour – Soldier Droid

Group 2
O’Deer G – Rodian race

Group 3
Oberron – Kel Dor Jedi
Neerta – Zabrack Jedi female

  • The group follows Maya to her hiding place to regroup and heal. Introductions are made and promise of credits are made if they help Maya collect some “cargo” being held for her by a local information broker named Switch. The group agrees so long they get paid and can get off the station with Maya when she leaves.
  • The Heroes meet with Switch, a protocol droid and local crime lord aboard Sel Zonn. After some careful negiotions, they learn the cargo is being held on Blue Deck, the heart of the Empire presence aboard the station. Switch thought it funny to hide this in plain sight as it were.
    The group also accepts a job to transport some rare liquors to Alderaan for a small fee as well.
    Things appear to go well until a rival Crime Lord appears to make a power play. The group quickly dispatches the threat and Switch awards them with a more credits.
  • Returning to Maya, the group makes plans to collect the cargo on Blue Deck and works with Maya on timing their escape on her ship that is “in route”

Night Two

  • The group learns that local Storm Troopers are moving to investigate some mysterious cargo on Blue Deck causing their plans to speed up.
    Combat Highlights: The tactics of the Storm Troopers are foiled by the mind tricks of Jedi Oberoon. O’Deer scores a few critical hits against the Storm Troopers, Fathom captures a small transport with a gun mount and net gun for future use and the Zabrack Jedi Neerta leaps through the cargo hold lightsaber in hand deflecting bolts and dropping Troopers like a pro.
  • The Group escapes on The Banshee with all their cargo and retreat to Alderaan.
  • Upon reaching Alderaan the group is introduced to Senator Bail Organna, a powerful member of the imperial senate whom has been working to undermine the rise of the Empire from the start. After rewarding the group for their assistance with the “cargo” which turned out to be a high ranking member of Organna security forces frozen in carbonite, Organna asked the group for help in future endeavors against the Empire. Agreeing, the party travels to Planet Felucia to rescue an Imperial Admiral looking to change sides, a human named Admiral Gilder Varth.
  • In route to Felucia, the crew of the Banshee avoid confrontation with a Victory Class Star Destroyer but crash on the jungle planet leaving the Party to travel on foot to the secret Imperial prison facility.


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